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The Best Recruiting Software in 2021


Freshteam assists you with effective recruiting, reduced manual HR effort, a secure personneldatabase, and a better employee onboarding experience for new hires.

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Freshteam Website

Years back, when I was working in an IT organization where there were literally no software tools to automate the recruitment process, I did research to find some of the best recruiting software.

I remembering recommending Freshteam my management. Today, FreshTeam is a complete HR suite which helps in hiring, onboarding, time-off, employee data and HR workflows.

2.Zoho Recruit

I also recommended Zoho Recruit to a few recruiting agencies.

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The best recruiting software vendors in 2021

I will be writing reviews of the following recruiting software vendors in the weeks to come.

1. Bullhorn CRM

2. Zoho Recruit

3. Greenhouse

4.Ceipal: AI-Powered Talent management solution.

5. ClearCompany: Talent management solution.

6. JobAdder: Recruiting management platform.

7. Yello: Talent acquisition software

8. Oorwin: Integrated ATS, CRM and HRMS platform.

9. Beamery: Talent operating system.

10. Turbo Hire: Best AI based Talent Acquisition Platform

Types of HR Technology and Recruiting Software Solutions

HRTech is an exclusive software category in which both small SaaS startups and enterprise software companies provide different tools and solutions. Here’s my perception of how we could categorize HR Software Systems.

1.Job websites which function as job aggregators.

2.Applicant Tracking Systems-Focuses only on ATS and not other areas of the HR process or recruitment process.

3.Human Capital Management System-Used by large enterprise organisations covering end-to-end HR functionalities.

4.Recruitment CRM

5.Canditate skill testing and assessment software. These are new HR Tech Software Startups that provide a better candidate experience.

6. Interviewing software-Interview automation tools, especially those catering to the video interview domain, are also part of the new age HR and recruiting software market segment.

7.AI-based recruiting tools (emerging niche that automates candidate job searches and company recruitment processes)

RecTech involves several suites of technology products listed above, but initially, I will be featuring some of the best recruiting software on this website.

What to look for while considering HR Tech Solutions or Recruiting Software?

Recruitment software that is quick to deploy

One thing that I look for in recruitment software is to understand whether it is easy to implement without much of a learning curve. The UX design and the functionalities should be clear to the recruiter, and they should be able to get hands-on with the software tool without the necessity of a change management effort by the HR team. 

Career webpage with a distinct brand identity

One of the most significant advantages of using a recruiting software is that it has an attractive careers page. The careers page can also be updated regularly as per your brand identity requirements. 

It could be an exclusive webpage or one which can be embedded on your existing official careers page on your website. It organizes your jobs based on departments in your company, automates the application process, and also comes with a clean user experience design.

Application Tracking System

One of the features to look for in a recruiting software is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which helps to automate the entire recruitment process from start to finish. 

With ATS, you can submit jobs to various job sites with a single click, collaborate with other team members on recruiting the right candidate, screen candidates, schedule interviews, and generally expedite the recruiting process overall.

One-click job posting which boosts applications

Posting job openings on numerous employment portals is a time-consuming process. The time it takes also implies that the company is wasting valuable resource time on a monotonous process that might be better spent on more creative tasks like interviewing candidates and finding the appropriate fit for the position. The majority of today’s recruiting software has seamless integration with a number of prominent job sites.

You only need to select the right job board and publish your vacancies instantly. As a result, recruitment software that allows for one-click job posting improves the number of applications received.

Offer Management Software

Posting jobs, screening candidates, interviewing finally leads to offering the job to the candidate. I would look for a good offer management feature in the recruiting software. It should also have a repository to store all the documents required for offering the job. Some of the tools include creating offer letter templates, auto-filling templates with candidate data, approval workflow, and e-signatures.

HR Technology Solutions and Recruiting Platforms using Artificial Intelligence

AI has been used to automate many HR and recruiting processes in both enterprise HR Tech solutions and SaaS recruiting platforms. For instance, AI is used to evaluate resumes and exclude applicants who are unqualified. Some recruitment software even gives candidates a rating based on the keywords and experiences in their resume. Recruiters’ efficiency is improved by SaaS recruitment tools that generate job descriptions and proofread them before publishing them on numerous job sites.

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