Amazon US,UK employees are planning a strike on Black Friday

Amazon employees in 20 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and other European Union countries, are preparing protests and strike on Black Friday.

The protest is part of the “Make Amazon Pay” movement, which includes 70 trade unions and organizations situated across continents. 

Amazon must make many improvements in five crucial areas, according to the campaign.

1.Enhance the workplace by increasing worker compensation in all Amazon warehouses in step with the corporation’s expanding wealth, including hazard pay and premium pay during peak times.

2.End all types of casual employment and false self-employment or contractor status to ensure job stability for all.

3.Respect workers’ universal rights by putting an end to union busting, recognizing workers’ freedom to organise and unions’ rights to promote workers’ interests, and immediately ceasing all types of espionage against workers and organizers.

4.Sustainably operate by:

Committing to zero emissions by 2030.

Terminating all custom Amazon Web Services contracts with fossil fuel companies to expedite oil and gas extraction.

Ending Amazon’s complicity in environmental racism, including by first transitioning to electric vehicles in communities hardest hit by the corporation’s pollution.

5.Pay back to society by paying taxes in full in the countries where economic activity occurs, eliminating tax abuse through profit shifting, loopholes, and the use of tax havens, and ensuring complete tax transparency;

Terminating institutionally racist partnerships with police forces and immigration authorities.

Some of the labor unions associated with Make Amazon Pay are

Progressive International

UNI Global Union

Amazon Workers International

Aapti Institute, India

Algorithm Watch

Amazon Employees for Climate Justice

Athena Coalition

Asian Peoples Movement on Debt and Development

Attac Norway

Berlin vs. Amazon

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

Data for Black Lives

Democracy in Europe Movement 2025

Education International

European Arts and Entertainment Alliance

Friends of the Earth France


Independent Workers Union of Great Britain

and, more.


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