Recorem enables recruiters find talent through meetups, webinars and conferences

Recorem recruiting platform

New York, March 29 2022 Recorem is a startup founded in New York that offers a new means to uncover talent through virtual events. It uses Augmented Intelligence to facilitate job discovery through webinars, conferences, and meetups. Recruiters may use the vast talent pool of passive job seekers among the participants, thanks to the startup … Read more

Gem raises $100 million to revolutionize the way businesses hire and grow

Gem Recruiting Software funding

A blog post by Gem’s CEO and co-founder Steve Bartel reported a $100 million Series C fundraising round for Gem, the company which specializes in recruitment software. The Startup is valued at $1.2 billion, based on the report. According to research, just 30 percent of people are actively seeking for a new job, and only … Read more

AI-powered hiring software is hiding talented candidates from getting jobs

AI hiring Software hiding candidates

Companies are being kept in the dark about the right candidate due to AI-powered automated hiring software. AI has certainly changed the way we live, but there’s more to it. Thousands of candidates who deserve the job they apply for are being rejected automatically by algorithms in AI hiring software. This fact has come to … Read more