Recorem enables recruiters find talent through meetups, webinars and conferences

New York, March 29 2022

Recorem is a startup founded in New York that offers a new means to uncover talent through virtual events. It uses Augmented Intelligence to facilitate job discovery through webinars, conferences, and meetups.

Recruiters may use the vast talent pool of passive job seekers among the participants, thanks to the startup founded by Pratap Ramanathan and Vikash Suresh.


How Recorem works?

The candidate creates a résumé that highlights his or her core abilities and applies for jobs that are connected to the events or webinars in which they are actively participating.

The company ensures a 72-hour response time, as well as an interview schedule and analytics.

As professional recruiters, the founders were aware of the challenges in extracting relevant profiles from traditional channels such as job portals and other networking platforms.
Meanwhile, they identified the right talent through meetups and conferences, which contributed to the launch of Recoram.

Numerous recruiters have put their trust in the company’s platform to hire talent, and the company is growing rapidly both in the US and India market.


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