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Zoho Recruit Reviews, Pricing, Features, and Demo

Review and analysis of Zoho Recruit recruiting software and applicant tracking system, pricing, and demo. 

About Zoho Recruit

Zoho recruit is a recruitment software or applicant tracking system. It is one of the best applicant tracking solutions for staffing agencies and human resources teams in corporate organizations. Zoho Recruit is also a complete recruiting suite which enables end-to-end hiring.

Zoho Recruit offers robust recruitment workflow management, candidate and jobs database management and end-to-end automation.

Zoho Recruit Pricing

Zoho recruit is a cost-effective application tracking system that enables you to manage the candidate experience effectively and efficiently. It offers four different editions.

Zoho Recruit Pricing

Standard Edition: $30/Recruiter/Month

Professional Edition: $60/Recruiter/Month

Enterprise Edition: $90/Recruiter/Month

Zoho Recruit Free Edition: $0 for one Recruiter.

Zoho Recruit Uses Cases and Customers

Who should buy Zoho Recruit Recruiting Software?

1.Contract recruiters

2.Freelance job consultants

3.Recruitment agencies and small business owners.

4.Large Enterprise firms.

5. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firms.

Zoho Recruit features

1.Applicant Tracking

Zoho Recruit assists you in establishing an organized hiring process for your company. You’ll be able to source candidates more quickly and build a stronger pipeline.

2.Recruiting when on the move

When you’re on the go, Zoho Recruit allows you to manage candidates, arrange interviews, and perform other hiring activities.

3.Application Management

Job applications are one of the most important factors in the hiring process, and any recruiter would agree that managing job applications is one of the most crucial aspects of the process.

Zoho Recruit is a recruitment management system that allows you to generate a resume in a manner that is tailored to your needs.

You can conceal applicant contact information and brand resumes with your company design to ensure that you are the only person who knows the candidate’s contact data. This functionality will be particularly beneficial to recruiting firms.

4.Features related to Interview

Interview Management
Interview Scheduling

5.Features related to Jobs

Job Description Management
Job Management
Job Marketplace

6.Candidate Sourcing through source boosters.

7.Instantly access thousands of profiles from hundreds of job portals without having to leave the ATS system.

8.Apply with LinkedIn:

Candidates can quickly apply for a job by automatically pulling their data from their LinkedIn profile. This greatly saves time and increases the number of qualified applications for a job opening.

9.Job Boards:

Zoho Recruit offers integration with hundreds of job boards. This enables you to automatically publish your job opportunities to hundreds of job portals.

Artificial Intelligence & Search features in Zoho Recruit

1.Zoho Recruit uses AI to identify talent and also to map behavioral assessments of candidates.

2.Radius Search

When you use radius search, you can look for candidates’ details based on their location and hire candidates within a particular distance of a zip code.

3.Smart Search

Zoho Recruit has several types of candidate search techniques. You can find candidate profiles based on the alphabet, information and also use advanced filters.

4.Automate routine HR activities

By automating all of the routine activities, artificial intelligence-based recruiting techniques helps recruiters to reduce their stress.

Recruitment Assessments features in Zoho Recruit

1.Filter applicants based on the skills that match a job using Zoho Recruit’s assessment module.

2.You can also rate applicants and leave notes and feedback. So, the next time you have to interact with the same candidate, you know what questions to ask. With each candidate, you will have a complete idea of their experience and salary expectations.

3. What kinds of assessments are available in Zoho Recruit?

Candidate Assessment

Recruiter’s Assessment

and the interviewer’s assessment.

Large enterprise organizations might have several rounds of interviews to complete the hiring process. So, Zoho Recruiting software offers 4 kinds of screening.

  1. Pre-Screening.
  2. Behavioral Screening
  3. Background Screening
  4. General Screening.

Zoho Recruit customer testimonial video:

How did a boutique staffing agency grow exponentially using Zoho Recruit Applicant Tracking Software?

With Zoho Recruit, you could do structured hiring, capturing every detail of the hiring process, or automate your recruiting process by assigning tasks to users based on pre-defined criteria. You can also personalize all your organization settings. 

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More information about Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit Logo

Zoho Recruit Logo

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